Note: everybody had trouble working on the Jam, so I'll try again in a couple months. In the meantime, I'm working on a novel that takes loose inspiration from a Golden Age comic character, Rex Dexter of Mars! (My version is a teenager who is part-alien, has an alien sister, and they have wild adventures fighting government agents, rooting out alien conspiracies that have ruled Earth for millennia, surviving alien assassins, and saving special forces teams tasked with recovering UFOs. Normal teenager stuff!)

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I want to make a bunch of demos in different forms/media to inspire people for the upcoming Jam...

A prototype of the sample project is on this page, made in Twine. I plan on adding sketches. (Note: it doesn't work usually. I'm not actively updating it, but that might change any day now.) 

There is a 30 characters in 30 days challenge and a famous comic book author took it up, making various open-source and public domain characters in the process ( ). I think I'll make my Jam about making 10 Open-Source Comic/Manga Characters in 10 days.

It would be helpful to use Heromachine or Hero-O-Matic, but they are Flash-based and that format is almost dead due to security vulnerabilities and competition from HTML5. Hero-O-Matic (or its Portuguese version) is also available on the app stores, I think, for free. I'm going to look into all this some more... 


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Very awesome!

I’m going to try doing this again, with some samples or tutorials or something. But first, I have an open-source jam coming up that is the first where I try to have a prize… That ought to make things more interesting…

Definitely! I can't wait to see your work!

I'm interesting in joining your jam

I’m just getting it started. For some reason, it isn’t showing up with the other Jams. This is its link: