Zed Hanok

My first attempt at a TTRPG, even though I never played one before!
Javascript Tetris Game
Play in browser
Resources for hard sci-fi games and novels I'm starting.
Assets made/collected for upcoming Open-Source Comic Book Jam
A growing group of platformer tiles and objects.
Some miscellaneous HUD or GUI pixel art experiments.
Experimental prototypes as I learn to make a shmup in multiple game engines.
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A remake/tribute to the DOS game "Airborne Ranger"!
A tileset for making a trek-like UI or any sci-fi UI, for anyone's use.
Updated remake of roguelite DOS game sleuth0.com
Help Flip get Swedish Strawberry Flops for his parents, Philip and Phillis! A pygame!

Zed's Favorite Assets

Roguelike assets


Good Templates

RPGMaker List

Pico-8 Collection

Skyrim-platformer Ideas

cc0 tilesets